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2018.10.29 size

on october 27, the national launch event of punuoan (ambrisentan tablets), hansoh pharma’s first-to-market generic drug for targeted treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, was held in beijing.


care for rare disease patients

according to the participating experts, pulmonary arterial hypertension (pah) is identified as a rare disease and known as the “cancer” among cardiovascular diseases for its high disability rate and high fatality rate. in china, targeted therapy for pah is not very common and has significant unmet clinical needs.

according to a business head of hansoh, as a domestic pharmaceutical company focusing on drug innovation, the company is always committed to improving the sense of well-being of patients. the domestic ambrisentan tablets “bring hope of recovery and survival to more pah patients and provide a “hansoh solution” for promoting the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment technologies for cardiovascular diseases in china.”


confident choice in the same quality as originator drug

punuoan has obtained approval as a category iv drug according to the new registration requirements, which means it is deemed as having passed the generic consistency evaluation. according to the experts involved in the r&d of the drug, they have employed their proprietary technologies in the development of punuoan, combining innovation and imitation. bioequivalence tests demonstrated punuonan’s bioequivalence to the marketed originator drug, providing an alternative therapy for patients.

according to china’s leading pah scientists, patients and families who have long been suffering from the disease were used to have no choice but to give up due to the high prices of the originator drug. now hansoh, a domestic pharmaceutical company with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, brings a quality drug for pah patients in the country and helps to improve current status of pah treatment.


healthy body, peaceful mind

during the academic discussion session, experts exchanged their views on the history of pah study, its diagnosis, treatment, and the selection of targeted therapy drugs for clinical use. they advocated “early and adequate combination treatment”, and expressed their expectation for an early clinical application of the drug.

drug accessibility is the key to bringing benefits to patients. the launch of punuoan will reduce medical costs and improve drug accessibility and affordability to bring early, long-term and substantial benefits to pah patients.

the successful launch of punuoan will help patients gain confidence in regaining physical health and peace of mind, and hence improve their sense of well-being. in the coming years, hansoh will put another batch of innovative cardiovascular drugs into clinical use as part of its efforts to provide every patient with access to quality drugs.