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2018.12.04 size

recently, hansoh pharma successfully launches its new echinocandins antifungal drug hengsen® (micafungin sodium for injection) by overcoming the patent barrier. according to the head of r&d of hansoh, the company currently has a complete production portfolio in anti-infective area with its launch of hengsen ®, together with first-to-market generic drugs such as zetan (tigecycline for injection), hengjie (linezolid glucose injection) and innovative drug mailingda (morinidazole sodium chloride injection).

according to the experts, due to the increasing frequency in the use of chemotherapy drugs, hormones and immunosuppressive agents, the incidence of invasive fungal diseases has increased significantly with a consistently high mortality rate, which has become a common concern for multiple disciplines. according to news reports, patients with septic shock induced by candida would face a mortality rate of almost 100% if they do not receive treatment within 24 hours after the infection.

micafungin sodium is a first-line drug recommended in the clinical practice guidelines for the management of candidiasis (2016 edition) published by infectious diseases society of america (idsa). hansoh pharma launched the domestic micafungin using its proprietary preparation technology by conducting innovative research and development. according to experts and clinicians in the fields of respiratory medicine, intensive care, surgery and microbiology, the antifungal drug micafungin sodium for injection developed by hansoh features a unique mechanism of action and a broad spectrum of in vitro antifungal activity, and can effectively cover candida and aspergillus that are common in clinical treatment and be used in various stages of the invasive fungal infections in patients with hematological/malignant tumors. the results of clinical studies show that micafungin is safe and there is no need to adjust the dose for patients with liver and kidney dysfunction. there is little drug–drug interactions and it helps polypharmacy. all in all, it is a high-quality and effective generic drug that meets mass medical demands. 

as a leading innovative pharmaceutical company in china, hansoh pharma is committed to r&d of innovative drugs and constant improvement of drug accessibility and health of patients. leading medical experts believe that hengsen ® is reliable in quality with good economics and represents a new alternative for anti-infective clinical treatment in china.