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2019.06.22 size

on june 21st, the meeting for launching hansoh’s long-acting hypoglycemic agent-polythylene glycol loxenatide (commodity name: fulaimei) was held in shanghai, which symbolizes the formal launch of china’s first indigenous innovative glp-1 receptor agonist-fulaimei in china at the witness of more than 200 experts in the field of anti-diabetes.


▲ launching ceremony for fulaimei’s into china

academician ning guang, the president of endocrinology and metabolism department of chinese medical doctor association said in his speech that china’s first long-acting glp-1 preparation with independent intellectual property rights - fulaimei indicates the innovation of anti-diabetes drugs in china, and provided a new treatment choice to the clinicians.

currently china’s diabetes treatment still has a huge clinical gap. as pointed out in china guideline for type 2 diabetes (ver. 2017), china is a country which has a large proportion of patients suffering from diabetes. at present, one out of ten people is suffering from diabetes. and blood glucose control is not as optimistic as expected; the maximum control rate of patients’ glucose is only 15.8%. moreover, traditional hypoglycemic agent will increase the risk of hypoglycemia while reducing blood glucose. poor compliance led by high-frequency administration, adverse drug reactions and complexity of therapeutic schedule not only affects patients’ life health and living quality but also makes them lose confidence in treatment and stuck in a vicious cycle of disease treatment.

professor zhu dalong, chairman of chinese diabetes society said that fulaimei took effect so quickly that hypoglycemic effect could be achieved within an hour after injection; plasma concentration could be stabilized through multiple times of injection for four weeks. the effect was stable and administration was required for once per week. besides, it was highly safe and tolerant.

professor yang wenying, former chairman of chinese diabetes society also shared major research findings in the meeting. clinical research shows that a better control rate of glucose can be obtained by controlling blood glucose comprehensively with fulaimei or with fulaimei combined and melbine (dmbg). the weight of the candidates in the research showed a downward trend and they all had good cardiovascular safety. the adverse reactions of gastrointestinal tract, the incidence rate of hypoglycemia and the incidence rate of antibodies were slight. she expected that the launch of fulaimei would bring patients a better medication experience and a healthier life.

hansoh pharma declared that the launch of fulaimei would promote glp-1 preparation a standard treatment option for diabetes and provide a new treatment plan for clinical experts. at the same time, it is known that hansoh would launch various new anti- hyperglycemic drugs continuously in the future, such as sglt-2, dpp-4 and glp-1 oral preparations to meet the diverse health needs of patients.

in addition, phase iii clinical unit gratitude and awarding ceremony and foundation project signing ceremony were also held in the meeting. hansoh pharma will make more contributions to the development of social charities, public welfare undertakings, chinese diabetes treatment and disease management together with the whole society.